I didn't see the how he did it (turned the game off mid way through the fourth) but I'm looking at the stat line for Joe Dorsey and he had 7 rebounds. In 7 minutes. For those of you bad at math that extrapolates to 36 rebounds per 36 minutes. Or one rebound per minute. It's a godly stat for any game.

Now I understand that all of his boards came against Boston's garbage men, but Bargs, Amir, Anderson and Reggie were playing against the same scrubs and only Reggie had more rebounds and he played for over three times as long. My point here is this team needs Joey Dorsey. People always talk about how we need more to change the culture, get tougher, get some desire. It starts with putting Joe Dorsey on this team and giving him minutes. If this roster comes down to dupree vs Dorsey I hope to God Dorsey gets on. He represents what this teams future should be: Toughness and rebounding. We need guys like him and Evans (minus the shit show offense) on this roster.