The talk is getting louder about how badly Hedo Turkoglu has been playing in Toronto this season and questions abound as to when he'll finally start producing like the Raptors have paid him to.

The fact is, though, that Hedo is basically performing within the averages he set in his time in Orlando and is shooting better from the floor than he did last year for the Magic's Finals-bound squad, so what exactly are people waiting for?

The fact is that Hedo isn't being given the chance to run the point-forward for Toronto very often, so naturally his production is going to be down slightly over his two final seasons in Orlando when he was made into a full-time starter in that role.

Considering how rare it is to see him creating with the ball in his hands for this club it's impressive that he's even managing the 14.0ppg, 4.8rpg and 4.0apg that he is. Toronto has basically turned him into a spot-up shooter with occasional opportunities to create and he's probably done about as well as can be expected with such a limited role.

I agree with him. Turk is coming from a team where everything runs through him. Now he doesn't get the ball as much. Another difference is the Howard factor. What do you guys think?