Hey dudes and dudettes, any of you fine folk heading down to the ACC to boo the shit out of Hedo?

Sadly, I now hate this guy more than I did VC? How is that even possible?


Turkoglu is about to join a pantheon of former Toronto players treated harshly when they come back. Surprised should have been the last thing Turkoglu felt in Vancouver, having seen first-hand how Toronto fans treat his one-time teammate, Vince Carter. Nothing the 31-year-old Turkoglu has done since last season ended will do anything to lessen the reaction he gets Sunday.

He’s refused to take much responsibility for a disastrous one-year tenure in Toronto after signing a five-year, $53 million U.S. deal. He was highly critical of the organization in an off-season interview from his native Turkey, suggesting there were deep-rooted issues that made the Raptors organization one players would avoid.
Source - Doug Smith - Toronto Star

BTW, for those that can't make it to the game this afternoon, cyber boo from the comfort of your home and chat with us here at Raptors Republic: Raptors Republic Live Chat - Toronto vs. Phoenix