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Thread: ESPN Opening Tips: Toronto Raptors 2010-11 Preview

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    Details, shmetails but McGrady averaged 31 minutes in his final season in Toronto. I would point out that in his third season he was 22. If we wanted to compare T-Mac to DD based on age then we would be comparing T-Mac's Sophmore season to DD's rookie season. Here is how that stacks up:

    McGrady = BLUE
    DeRozan = RED

    AVG MIN: 22.36, PPG: 9.4, FG%: 43.6, 3PT%: 22.9, FTA: 3.2, FT%: 72.6, REB: 5.7, AST: 2.3, TO: 1.6, BLK: 1.4, PF: 1.9
    AVG MIN: 21.36, PPG: 8.6, FG%: 49.8, 3PT%: 25.0, FTA: 2.5, FT%: 76.3, REB: 2.9, AST: 0.7, TO: 0.8, BLK: 0.2, PF: 2.3

    What we see, based strictly on stats, is that age 21 McGrady had a much more rounded game, yet wasn't close to the efficiency DeRozan operated under. What we know from game film is that McGrady had a much better handle than DeRozan at age 21, which is validated by the stats. In terms of defense I feel McGrady's life was a lot easier than DeRozan's given that those old Raptors clubs valued and played defense much more so than the 2009-2010 team. DeRozan has no help and what's more is sometimes going to be forced away from his match up to try and eliminate teammate's mistakes. At age 21, McGrady is the superior player. One thing of note though is DeMar doesn't need the ball in his hands as much and isn't driven by his offense. I feel DeMar can effectively play in any system because of his willingness where as McGrady, in the past, wanted always to be the center of attention. Ah, the intangibles...
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