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Thread: Bosh for Jamison + youth

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    Default Bosh for Jamison + youth

    I'm not one for stupid trade rumours, but since it seems like Washington and Toronto both might be looking to make some moves in the New Year, would you make this trade?

    Obviously, not a straight up deal, because Jamison is getting up there. But, what if we got Nick Young or Blatche and/or Haywood?

    disclaimer: I'm a huge Bosh fan. I do not think he is the problem here, but if we suck and we're going to lose him anyways, we have to deal him.

    Is this crazy?

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    This is a really bad trade for the Raptors. Jamison has a horrible, horrible contract, and is a really bad defender.

    I think Washington would be happy to make such a trade, even if they have to give up both Young and Blatche (Young is actually not that young, will be 25 by June. Blatche is intriguing and full of potential, but also a knucklehead.)

    It will take a long time for Arenas to recover to full form (if it ever happens), but if he ever did, sending Bosh to Washington would create another monster.

    Just my opinion, but if I were the Washington GM I'd definitely do that deal (so long as I don't give up Haywood too.)

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    Not crazy but AJ is 33 with 2 more years on his deal. Young and Blatche would make this more palatable.

    Still not a great move for the Raps though. Have to do better.
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