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Big difference between playing with effort and toughness and throwing elbows and taking guys legs out or dirty basketball.

Effort and toughness is a desirable trait for any player and, unfortunately, not all have it.

Throwing elbows and taking guys legs out is a good way to end someone's career and shows an obvious lack of respect for the opponent as an athlete and human being.
It was an exaggerated example meant to illustrate the kind of chippy attitude I think this club needs and Reggie brings. Stepping under an opposing player is something that should never ever be done (unless its against the C$%tics) and I actually was put on crutches before when someone did it to me. Though throwing the odd elbow and setting some hard screens is always a great way to let guys know you're serious .

As far as Reggie taking minutes from Amir and Davis goes, I think it would be good for both of them the have to earn minutes and practice against a guy who brings it like Reggie does. By what I've seen so far in pre-season Amir is not ready to play starters minutes in this league and I think that expecting more than 10 minutes a game out of Davis is unreasonable so there is room for Evans on this roster without hurting either of our projects. I also like the thought of Evans passing some of his no prisoners attitude to Dorsey. You can never have too many guys willing to do the dirty work.