Good read from Tim and I couldn't agree more. Here's a little snippet of what he had to say about Jose:

Calderon became less effective in just about every area of the game last year. New acquisitions Hedo Turkoglu and Jarrett Jack encroached on his duties, Triano fully implemented his preferred offense and the team's lack of defensive personnel further highlighted Calderon's most glaring post-injury weakness. His PER dropped to 16.5, the lowest it had been since his rookie season. He was scoring less (10.3 ppg versus 12.8 ppg the year before), shooting worse (.596 true-shooting percentage versus .613) and he ultimately lost his starting spot due to a left hip injury. After supporting him so fervently two years ago, the fans grew restless with his reduced production, even booing him in a late-season game against Chicago after he missed an open three-pointer. By the end of last season, Calderon looked lost as to what his place even was in Toronto anymore.

Now, after spending all summer on the trading block, Calderon is left on a team that doesn't want him and playing for a fan base that has grown tired of him. It's been nearly two years since his hamstring injury and it's become clear that the burst he lost in 2008 isn't coming back. The growing crop of young, athletic and speedy point guards that are dotting the league are making each night a defensive nightmare for Calderon, and he's forced to play in front of a frontcourt that offers little in the way of help to protect him as a defender. To watch him play this pre-season, where he's averaging 4.7 ppg on 28% shooting (9.1% shooting from behind the arc), is to watch a man that looks wholly out of sorts on the court. While he's still managing an impressive 8.5 assists per-36 minutes, most now believe that he's playing in the starting five not because he's the best option but because the team is hoping to increase his trade value on the open market. In the summer of 2008 he was the future of the team at point guard, today his team wants rid of him so badly they are willing to weaken themselves defensively at the start of every game in the hopes of expediting his departure. You want to know why Calderon is struggling this pre-season? I think you have your answer.
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