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Thread: Bosh's Interview With FAN 590

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    Default Bosh's Interview With FAN 590

    Here's a summary of Bosh's interview with Bobcat yesterday afternoon.

    Courtesy of Test of Wills from the RGM;

    - promoting DVD Ink.
    - felt committed to making Documentary and getting tattoo
    - wanted to make tattoo unique
    - likes art and feels he's a creative person and needed change thus the reason for tattoo
    - Steve Nash warned him about tattoos in a jokiing fashion
    - 1 session to get tattoo done so far
    - Tattoo is still work in progress, not complete
    - Rest can't be done during the season, hurts in spots, prolly will do it in off-season
    - Put deliberately on his back so it can't be visible, likes it to be discrete
    - likes trying different things, film a possibility after career is done, loves writing as well as comedy

    -sat at home 2 weeks before season and watched tapes of the Beijing Olympic team USA games and seen different players checking in like LeBron and Wade and D12 and seen himself check in and "was like DAMN! that how I look on T.V, i'm not intimidating or big at all"
    -feels playing down low you must be strong, you can't be a weak basketball player at the 4 and 5.
    -going to go inside more
    -feels like it'll take a while, there will be rough patches and growing pains
    -takes time to consistently win day in and day out
    -have to stay positive and keep working and can be a good team
    -feels confident, has no choice.
    -wouldn't use the term soft but the team needs to focus more and take challenges
    -can't let offense dictate our defense, can't miss assignments constantly
    -chemistry and communication getting better,

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    - promoting DVD Ink.
    That's the main reason he was on. Rest is garbage.

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    Everywhere he goes he talks about that. Amazing, you got a damn tatoo. Now get your head back onto the game and practice on your damn D
    Last name ever, first name greatest

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    Tattoo's ?....who cares
    His comedic and acting talents ?....when he gets close to Chris Rock let me know
    His dvd?....not interested
    His weight?...took him 6 yrs. to notice
    His ferocity?...its not been 2 mos. and is getting questionable
    His other cliches?...boooorrring

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