Apparently Bosh was on the FAN this morning to clear the air of the misinterpretation of his recent comments about why he wanted to leave Toronto for south of the border.

Summary courtesy of mcruzr from over at the RealGM:

Pretty much what he is saying is that his quote was taken out of context. Also stated that the perception of popular players mean that they are better players.
- "If people don't see me play, then they don't know anything about it." His statement was never meant to be the reason why he left Toronto.
- "That's the reason I made that decision, to win championships."
Every game after the all star break, he was distracted due to the plethora of questions pre and post-games with reporters about the 2010 off season.
- "I just want to play basketball right now. I don't want to concentrate on that stuff" I never once wanted to make this a distraction. I just wanted to play basketball." Also stated he was getting mentally tired because of all the 2010 talk.
When asked if he "mailed it in", he replied with "I'm my worst critique. I don't go out to bomb games." Playing through his ankle tweak slowed him down. Played against many playoff teams down the stretch.
- "I know I worked hard and I know that I tried to lead as best as possible."

Everything else seems OT after this point.

Last thing:
How you want to be remembered for your time in Toronto:

"For the work that i did. That we did together. just because people make business decisions doesn't erase what we did in the last 7 years."
"I still miss Toronto." "It wasn't an easy decision.
"This was somewhere I considered home."
"Not any one time did I ever have something bad to say about the city "
"At the end of the day, its nothing but good memories."
"I always thank everybody for the support."
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