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Thread: Is Reggie the Next Oakley?

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    Oakley had some semblance of an offensive game as he could hit the 10-15 foot J on the regular & was a better defender overall in my mind. That being said Reggie is on the same level as Oaktree when it comes to going after the ball, heart, hustle & desire to compete when on the floor. The locker-room/on court presence time will tell. I have always like Evans hustle game ever since he was a Sonic.
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    I hope Reggie stays with this team. He's everything we're sorely missing right now. Only time will tell if Ed Davis will produce in the same manner and fashion (with offense ofcourse) the way Reggie produces rebounds. It would be awstruck to see Reggie continue to average over 10+ rebounds a game. I think Reggie now, the way he's gotten himself into shape and whatnot is trying to win suitors for his services come next year.
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