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Young Guyz is corny but it's better than Young Onez imo and they could still use the YG'z as a signature....just a thought nothing more.

NWA cool? Only to a negative stereotype loving fool...smh

Eazy E's self confessed formula for song making (he didn't write Ice Cube, DOC, MC Ren & others wrote his rhymes for him) was to say the n word & b*tch as many times possible in said song not to mention all the satanic symbolism around him and in his music- when you speak about death you're talking to spirits. Eazy E is the one who made it popular to say the n word on records & that's cool...smh Life is not a video........smh Folks embrace the ignorance (NWA) over the intelligence (Public Enemy).....smh

As well it's good to see 3 young players embrace TO & the fans....
I love Public Enemy and NWA. And some of Eazy's solo albums were great. But i don't base my life on any of that stuff (well most of it). And there's nothing wrong some negative raps. Not all rappers are happy go lucky people like De La Soul.

And as for that Bogut section, they actually have try outs for those spots as well. I think they were doing something in DEEtroit too.