And deservedly so. Although it was his time to go a couple years ago, he still goes down as one of my favourite Raptors of all-time. Classy cat that Mo Pete is.

Sunday might be cool.

As part of the ongoing recognition process, they’re going to take time out to honour the one and only Mo Pete, I’m told, and that’s one I can fully support.

Mo’s one of the true great guys and I would presume the fans will stand and cheer loudly – very loudly – whenever they do it.

After all, the guy played more games – 542 in the regular season, 19 more in the playoffs – than anybody in franchise history.

Now, that’s a dude you should recognize.

They got that one right.

A Mo story I don’t think I’ve ever told out here in the big, wide world.

It’s the second week of the 2005-06 and somehow Sam’s decided the rookie Joey Graham will start in the spot that is historically Mo’s.

Well, Mo says all the right things ‘cause he’s a pro but it’s obvious he’s miffed and Joey’s not exactly lighting the world on fire.

We’re in the locker room after a home game and someone’s getting scrummed about two lockers over from Mo. I’m on the periphery of it, not really listening to closely when I hear Mo in my ear over my shoulder.

He’s telling me he’s ticked, I should write it, he wants his job back and “something’s got to change.”

Me? I keep pretending I’m listening to the scrum, all the while taking notes on what Mo’s saying.

Get a story no one else has, Mo gets his starting job back like the next game or something and a Day In The Life Of A Grunt turns out to be a good one.
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