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You my friend are a Kool-Aid drinker.

Rebounding is no doubt important, but scoring and team defense are more important

Bargnani and Johnson are better on defense than Bargnani and Evans because Johnson give a lot better weak side help than Evans does and because Johnson is longer and can alter more shots than Evans.

Evans is pretty good defender in short spurts but he is a career 19 mpg guy over 9 seasons in the NBA. He just can't handle over 20 mpg and be effective as a defender.

On offense he is a horrible liability.

I am not saying that Johnson should start so people should not think I am going there.

What I am saying is that Evans should not.

If people don't like Johnson starting then start Kleiza at PF and Weems at SF. Kleiza can defend the #4 probably better than the #3 and his rebounding will go up if he plays closer to the basket on defense.

I am not saying that Kleiza should start either.

However there are a lot better options than Evans.

Evans Kool Aid drinkers think that if Evans goes off the court the Raptors world will fall apart.

Last night the Raptors significantly outscored the Warriors when Evans was off the court.

He was a minus 19 and the Raptors lost only by 7. So they were a plus 12 when he was off the court.
I could not say it any better!!!
MultiPaul is right here, and Evans should not start. I love his energy, his enthusiasm, and his determination to hunt down boards, but Amir has most of the same qualities with a few more thrown in. I was and am thinking Evans is being showcased to shop around but it's now time because other than what I mentioned above he pretty much has no other skills.
Amir and Bargnani play much better together, and watching every defense give Evans 8 feet when he has the ball is a joke, and makes the defense tighter for the others which is an intangible people do not take into account. I even like the Kleiza, Weems thing better.
It might also allow Jose to replace Jack which makes for a much better starting lineup and a more balanced bench.