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He played okay tonight. He did manage to get almost 30 minutes and stay out of foul trouble.

He had some turnovers that he should not have and missed a shot that he usually makes.

I thought his defense was good tonight on Wallace.

His 16 and 9 in 27.5 minutes was a bit better than I would expect of him in those minutes.

However, his overall impact on the game was not significant. The Raptors went on one mini run when he was on the court but other than it was pretty much tit for tat when he was on the floor. I have seen him have a much greater overall impact on the game than he did tonight. So I thought is was an okay game. He earned his salary, which is more than DeRozan did.

His defense tonight was easily the best out of anyone in the front court. He blows Evans and Bargnani out of the water in this respect.