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Thread: Barbosa and Kleiza Playing Injured - Yes or No

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    Default Barbosa and Kleiza Playing Injured - Yes or No

    It seems apparent to me that their injuries are really negatively affecting their games.

    Kleiza is trying to play with an Achilles heal injury.

    It seems to me that is is really hurting his game, depending on how much it is bothering him an any given night.

    I don't think Triano really wants to shut him down and/or put Barbosa, whose wrist injury from last year is bothering him, under the knife and lose them both for an extended period of time.

    I am sure this is a decision that has been and continues to be thoroughly discussed by all involved.

    Question: Should the Raptors bite the bullet and do now what they need to do to get these guys as close to 100% as possible before playing them again, or should the Raptors continue to play these two injured players getting decent games from them when they are feeling okay, but more often than not getting lousy games from them when they are hurting?
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    Nah Kleiza just sucks....

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    Kleiza has been very inconsistent. If they have these injuries, they should go get fixed. THis season is a write off any ways so better to have two healthy contributors to next years team or finish strong at the end of the season. Finishing strong would be far more benificial then starting strong (which they have no chance now)

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