Marco Belinelli plops himself down on a stool just off the Raptors' practice court and knows what's coming.
When it's pointed out that he can't seem to make a shot to save his soul these days, he replies: "I know, I know," letting out a little sigh, searching for an answer that's not there.
"My mistake is, when I miss maybe the first one, after that I think like, `Oh, my God, I missed the shot,'" he states matter-of-factly. "And that is not good, you know? For all the game, I am thinking about that."
"I spoke with the coach and assistant coaches, they tell me just to go on the court and do your job. I am a shooter, so I have to shoot," he said. "I work a lot on my shot every day. I think it's mental, you know. I hope that tomorrow ... I start again something new."
"I am a shooter," he said with confidence. "I have to take them all the time. I have to take the shots I take, I don't care."
The Star: "Raptor newcomer mired in a serious funk but coaching staff wants him to shoot out of it"

So this was written before the game. In case you missed the game today, he only player 7 minutes and didn't exactly make the most of it. To me this is a total confidence issue. Fellow countrymen Andrea Bargnani has gone through this as well.