The one thing I always hated about this coach is that he treats this team like a house league team (Everyone Plays! Orange Slices After The Game!!). I think it would do Triano (and the Raptors) well if that he DIDN'T have as many options. Bill Simmons main gripe against Doc Rivers over the years was that his rotation was too big, something which he rectified when he shortened his bench, and I think the same thing applies here. Having depth is great, but it's one thing when it's The Orlando Magic (which has top shelf talent, defined roles and a clear order) and another when you are this team, which has 12 guys that can legit say to themselves "Hey, I should be starting!". Last year, when Toronto went on their run in the middle of the season, mostly it was because they beat up on bad teams, but it also coincided with Calderon and Evans being out. It forced Triano to work with a short rotation and it defined everyone's role (Bosh was the 'star', Turkoglu handled playmaking, etc...) and I have a feeling this year it could have some of the same effect (if only some of the guys don't feel they are going to get yanked because they made a mistake).

I'm not saying I hope that Kleiza and Barbosa never come back, but they aren't going to win with those guys anyway and their ceiling is pretty much known. I'm hoping that going forward, they start the lineup the last couple of days and kinda put the team on the Weems/Derozan combo, at least so they can see what they have with these guys and if it's worth it to re-sign Weems. There's only 3 guys that matter on this team anyway (Davis, DeRozan, Bargnani) so you might as well hand the team to them.

One quick thing on the Heat: They are going to be fine, Bosh WILL snap out of this funk and they will probably snag the 1 or 2 seed, but I get the feeling this team is heading for a "Wade gets injured and it out for 6 games, and during that time they go on a 6-0 run with James, Bosh, Miller et clicking on all cylinders and a slew of 'Should Wade Be Traded?!?!' articles" controversy.