I am fully well aware that it is only 10 games in to the season. HOWEVER....

With every Miami loss, this has the potential to increase the this draft pick up the board.

When Toronto got this pick, I was thinking, "Just great the 28/29/30 pick."

Now it is obvious they have some weaknesses - like all teams - but their's are glaring i.e. interior D, rebounding, each main guy needs the ball to be effective but there is only 1 ball!

There is a very real possibility they could be a fourth/fifth seed as Orlando, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta COULD have a better regular season than Miami (ATL would be the biggest doubt there). It is also not out of the realm of possibility LAL, NOH, SAS, UTA, DAL, OKC could have better regular season records.

What is my point?

The first round draft pick that was originally thought to be 28/29/30 could be 22/23/24.

I know it is only 10 games, but something to consider given MIA's glaring weaknesses thus far. And as we know, somebody always slides in the draft.