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Thread: BC looking like a legit architect

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    You see, that is why there is no credibility. No "Good point but I think...." or "No way man, this guy would be much better...." or "Really? You think that guy is part of the future?". Instead you come back with that.
    BC is trying to pull a fast one.

    he is too proud to actually trade away the vets and allow the team to develop... instead he is trying to save his own ass, at the expense of the fans who will have to put up with many more years of horrible basketball.

    signing kleiza, trying to get matt barnes, and boris diaw, are all indications that bc has no intention of rebuilding...

    he just wants to get lucky, make the 8th seed, and keep his job...

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    Kleiza is a reasonable signing for the long term, IMO. It is a reasonable contract to a guy who will hopefully be the 7th/8th man off the bench.

    Matt Barnes, I 100% agree. I do not know what that was about.

    Diaw was part of the Diaw/Chandler for Evans/Calderon. This was about getting rid of Calderon's contract and creating more cap space moving forward, not a quest for mediocrity. Plus it would have put a real defensive big with Bargnani.

    I can see your perspective about keeping vets but the season is still young. I'd be shocked if the Raptors stand pat until the trade deadline. After this season, the only real vets they have are Calderon, Jack, Barbosa, and Bargnani.

    As I've said before, the young guys and foundation/bench are there. The team needs go to guys through development of what they have (DD, Weems) or trade/FA/draft. Bargnani is a good second or third option on O if he had someone to take the focus off him but his D is killing any value he brings to the floor. I didn't think it would be possible for him to get worse.

    "he just wants to get lucky, make the 8th seed, and keep his job... "
    I'm not so sure about the first 2, definitely agree with #3. During FA and summer league he was all about 'making the playoffs is our goal'. His tone changed at the start of preseason and onwards. As the GM he can't come out and say, "we're gonna be baaad!"

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