This is a carryover from the Melo comments on Bosh but I thought it deserved its own thread.

The crazy thing is that I don't Bosh or LeBron even understand what they did and neither is a stupid guy (but NBA standards). When you give the team that built around you consistent singles and public messages that they are in the running for your services up to the very last minute, then as soon as they are powerless to move you you quit on them (or half-ass your play when it matters most), ignore them and them jump ship by announcing it publicly with gusto and pride...well you belong in the douche bag hall of shame.

My modern day NBA D-bag hall of fame:

1. Isiah "Zeke the Sneak" Thomas
- trying to highjack the Raps organization (embarrassing) which causes Mighty Mouse to bolt.
- lone assassin of CBA (bankrupting several owners)
- Knicks debacle after debacle (including sexual harassment)
- covers his own suicide attempt but throwing his daughter under the bus...need I say more.

2. Carlos Boozer - pure hijinx when bolting from Cleveland (worse than Lebron imo) and just seems like a pure douche.

3. Lebron - "Cleveland is in the lead for my services", quits and makes "The Decision". Demi-god to less than zero in a nanosecond...well deserved.

4. KG - a cancer to cancer...I'll let Arse jump in with the laundry list of douchy behaviour.

5. Gilbert Arenas - the hibachi over heats with stupidity and then sulks cause he feels he has done no wrong.

6. VC15 - purely a douche for wasting his talent, giving away plays to the opposition, pouting to degrade his value and demanding out over a lost parking spot. The whinest of the d-bags but obvious ranks much higher on he douche scale for Raptors fans since the rest of the league simply ignore want he did for the most obsure franchise...but Bill Simmons, bless his clover heart, keeps lingering in his shadows so no one forgets.

6b. Bosh - Lebron minus "the Decision" but adds in self absorbed Tweets and taunting sound bites to enhance douchary suffering from 3rd banana complex.

7. Ronny Artest – would be higher on the list if he wasn't so damned lovably open and honest about his crazy...regardless, jumping into the stands and beating on the wrong dude was grounds for an insanity plea and he was generally a pretty douchy teammate before the Black Mamba scared him straight.

8. Stephen ‘Action’ Jackson/Jamal ‘Fire Starter’ Tinsley/Steve Francis/Steph Marbury – trouble finds them at every turn.

9. Bruce Bowen – having shredded my ankle from being under-cut on the court...this guy likely deserves to be higher on the list.

10. Tim Donaghy – for not fixing any games in our favour...dick.

D-Bag in waiting...Tyreke Evans – driver in a drive-by murder but his buddies collectively take the fall...100 miles per hour/reckless driving incident...both get swept under carpet. He’s a ticking time bomb imo.

I'm sure I'm missing some obvious ones so please feel free to add....