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Yes, I questioned your prediction, but arguing that some players will be available at the trade deadline that weren't during the summer doesn't backup your prediction. It's just arguing something different

Actually, all I stated was that Colangelo has only traded away one pick that he didn't get back while the GM of the Raptors. And as I stated, when a team is trying to win now, they sometimes trade away draft picks for veterans. The reasoning is that a veteran will have more value than a lower draft pick.

And if Bosh had not gone to Miami, the Raptors probably wouldn't NEED the draft pick like they do now. If Bosh had re-signed, the last thing they'd need is yet another young player. They have quite a number now.

And your logic is flawed if you are basing your prediction on Colangelo's past, as I have already stated...

You seem to continue to make points which I have already disputed, yet don't actually try and counter them.

Here is what we know about Colangelo:

- He will trade lower first round picks if he feels it will help the team take the next step. (Since the Raptors have no hope of making the playoffs, they won't have a lower first round pick to trade)
- He is willing to trade talent for expiring contracts in order to sign a free agent. (The Raptors will already have cap room, so it doesn't apply)
- He will sign free agents in an attempt to improve the team. (The Raptors already signed 25 year old Kleiza)
- He has never been a position where he was in charge of a team without one possible All-Star. In other words, he's never been in the position he's been in before, so you can't predict how a person is going to behave in a situation they've never been in.
disagree with everything... i have made points about how in the past teams are more likely to pull the trigger on a trade when they realize their season isnt going anywhere...

just cuz my posts arent several paragraphs doesnt mean they arent valid...

BC DID trade away picks..

even if we had bosh, we WOULD STILL NEED THE 1st PICK, cuz rookies have lower salaries... lower salaries mean more cap flex...