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Thread: Raptors' Moment of The Decade [Candidates Selections]

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    Default Raptors' Moment of The Decade [Candidates Selections]

    Raptors Fans,

    I had a great idea. We should work towards creating a list of the most memorable Raptors moments of the decade. They can be both positive and/or negative. What I would like us to do first is use this thread to hammer out ten to twenty candidates. Then, I will create a second thread where we vote for our favorite choice and then discuss the results. I will get this thing moving with some of my own nominations:

    - 2006: John Salmons backs out of verbal agreement with the Raptors, cites God as the deciding factor that talked him out of Toronto and then signs a deal with the Kings worth $3M more than the Raptors were offering.
    - 2006: Raptors win Atlantic Division
    - 2006: Raptors win the NBA lotto, select Andrea Bargnani 1st overall.
    - 2006: Raptors hire Brian Colangelo as GM
    - 2005: Sam Mitchell causes Skip to leave building at half time in tears.
    - 2004: Kevin O'Neil fired. Fans who enjoy eating free pizza at the ACC rejoice.
    - 2004: Vince Carter traded. Laughter breaks out in 29 U.S. cities league-wide.
    - 2003: Raptors draft Chris Bosh 4th overall despite Vince Carter publicly expressing his desire to trade the pick.
    - 2001: Raptors lose game seven of round two to AI and the 76ers.
    - 2001: Raptors score their first playoff series victory, defeating the Knicks.
    - 2000: Raptors make the playoffs for the first time. Lose to the Knicks in a three game sweep.

    I could keep going but I don't want to be an idea hog.
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