Two of our key players shot 3 for 20 (yes 15%!) and yet we managed to win last night's game.

Were both Jack and Kleiza just "cold"? No, unfortunately. Despite me pseudo-defending Jack vs Calderon the other day, last night's performance was inexcusable.

Jack and Kleiza repeatedly forced shots despite: 1) reasonable time on the shot clock and 2) having teammates wide open.

I was thinking of making this a full post, but the screenshots had to be a certain size to see properly (plus I messed up the screen captures on some).

See here for all screenshots and captions.

Here's the most extreme example - Jack was blocked by Jrue Holiday with 9 seconds on the shot clock. DeRozan, Bargnani and Kleiza all wide open. Enough said.

A few were reasonable looks. But in all cases there was 9 or more seconds on the shot clock and better options.