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    Quote DunkinDerozan wrote: View Post
    Wow whats your interpertation of nicely... Me having low basketball IQ, me speakig out loud my formus are a waste of time ... or your last line which completly disagrees with my idea loll.

    Well let me say this either you just started watching the Rapotrs this year or your just completly ignorant to the fact the Raptors have been near the bottom in Rebounding for the last 5 years or so. Hopefully your in the former category otherwise, Im am kind of shocked that you can call me out on this statement. Buy yourself some Raptors Games Video from the previous 5 years and then look of how not to rebound 101... both should be crossed referenced...

    And then Your face should be planted on the Raptors 2005-2010 Games video cover..

    Oh god, that made me so happy.

    Interesting post. Everyone i talk to seems to think that reggie is not in our future. I think that it is a tough question to answer right now.We have not seen ed davis play yet, and i think that will be the deciding factor. We should wait until after the trade deadline because he is very valuable. Anything could happen. I personally love his style of play, and i know i will get some hate for this, but, he has won games for us. We out rebounded boston. If i had told you that 3 years ago you would have called me a lier.

    I would not offer him over 2 years. My opinion.

    Good post
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