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Thread: Would You?

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    Default Would You?

    To Raptors:
    Andre Miller
    Joel Przybilla (maybe Greg Oden)
    Travis Outlaw or Nicolas Batum
    Any Draft Pick

    To Trial Blazers:
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Jose Calderon
    Patrick O'Bryant

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    Absolutely, but no way on this earth would Pritchard and the Blazers do it.

    Nice pipe dream though.

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    No interest in Andre Miller. He's too old and the Raptors are too far away from contending. He isn't a valuable piece to the Raps puzzle.

    Some interest in Przybilla + good interest in Batum + mediocre-to-low interest in the draft pick ... not willing to give up Calderon + Hedo for that package though.

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    Hmm. That would be a pretty okay deal but IDK. I would prolly not do it. I would take Batum right now since Outlaw is gone for the like the year. Batum has some good D too so that should help us out. I don't think that is worth giving up both Caldy and Hedo. I also don't think Portland wants Hedo there anymore
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