Wright has fallen to the deepest end of the bench, where even Pops Mensah Bonsu is getting more minutes than him at this point... in fact, with the recent struggles of Marco Belinelli, you'd think Wright would earn some of his minutes back simply because of his 'defense' (as advertised).

Having said that, it seems obvious that if any minor moves are made, they would likely involve him since he's not being utilized... at the same time, MoPete is at the deep end of NO's bench and could use another perimeter defender.

I was never a huge fan of Morris Peterson especially in his latter years- sure he had some clutch shots and some circus plays that always made the highlight reels, but he shot a pretty mediocre 3pfg %... although his defense wasn't that bad.

We could use his 'veteran presence' in the locker room and it would ignite some more excitement and energy back into the team- something Colangelo is always looking for. I doubt he'd crack the rotation as someone we can depend on nightly but it would certainly be itneresting to bring him back, and this team is lacking a veteran leader on the floor- seems they look to guys like Alvin Williams for mentoring.