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Thread: Bosh Package

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    Default Bosh Package

    Bosh and Jose for Beidrins, Curry and Ellis

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    will never happen and we couldn't play curry, ellis and jack and also play defence....

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    we are stacked in guards....

    so what happen to the development of DeRozan at SG? should we developed Curry instead? it is hard to developed two rookies at the same position. what happen to Jack (starter or backup to ellis)?

    Beidrins .... he can rebound but is he built to defend people?

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    Ellis is actually a pretty good defender, actually. He is lightning quick, and knows how to use this for defending both PGs and SGs.

    What line up are you imagining? Something like:

    Jack at PG / Curry Backup
    Ellis at SG / DD Backup

    Some caveats:
    1) Isn't spacing an issue now? In particular, Biedrins has no range outside of 5-10 feet, and Monta can't really shoot outside of 15. If you swap Curry for Jack, you get better spacing, but Curry is not a good defender, nor is a good PG right now.
    2) Where do you get lategame points from? Monta is very good, but extremely predictable (he'll drive into traffic, probably turn it over).
    3) Can Monta play well in a half-court setting? If you do this trade, then Monta becomes your best scorer, so very important to make sure he you surround him with the right pieces (quality point guard and good shooters.)

    Anyway, sounds intriguing on paper. Turk and Bargs are great pieces to go along with Monta, since they create spacing for his drive. I'd want also a big lockdown defender at SG who can also hit the corner three for more spacing. And a deal like this allows you to field a pretty good team without having any max players.

    Practically though, this trade has no chance of going down, for the following reasons:

    1) Biedrins and Ellis are pretty much the two most important pieces the Warriors have right now, so no way this happens unless Bosh agrees to sign with Ws.
    2) It seems like the Warriors would be giving up a lot of assets in this trade. Giving up your two best players (on pretty reasonable contracts), your draft pick, as well as absorbing Calderon's contract for Bosh? Warriors would be fools to do this unless it immediately makes them contenders. However, this does not look like a championship team:

    1) Calderon/CJ Watson
    2) Maggette/Curry
    3) Anthony Morrow
    4) Anthony Randolph
    5) Chris Bosh

    Tbh, I think a fairer swap would be CB4 for Monta and Biedrins as the main pieces.

    Then both sides win, since:

    1) The Raptors get a decent team with no 18+ million players.
    2) The Warriors would probably be able to easily build a quality team around Bosh. Their only really bad contract is Magette's and he really isn't that bad a SG/SF. Also, they have *tons* of nice young assets like Azubuike, Morrow, Randolph, Wright, Curry, and 2010 pick that could be used to grab a quality PG, C, and SF.

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    The "CB4 for Monta and Biedrins as the main pieces" is something that's been out there since last year and its okay if the Raps believe Bosh will walk or force a S&T.

    Would probably want to see a second deal for the Raps to shore up their bigs as Biedrins is limited in scoring and defending against stronger players.
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