Highly unlikely, but how wonderful would it be if we could deal him right now?

But for all the jabs Raptors fans throw at Marcus, he's done a commendably job backing up Jack and has been a professional the whole time he's been here by not complaining or anything all. I respect him for that.

There is no doubt that Marcus Banks, an admirable fill-in at point guard in the absence of Jose Calderon, has opened a few eyes of late.

And in the cold, cruel world of professional sports, he might be just playing well enough to be traded.

I know thatís a bit harsh, all the guy has done is be professional and stay ready and give them what they need, but itís the way the world works.

Now, there are 29 teams who have seen him play recently and seen him do a pretty good job. And if someone wants a backup point guard, heís got to be in the mix, at least whenever Jose gets back in action.

Iím not suggesting thereís a deal in the mix but I know there are people in the organization who are thinking what I am: That Banks has become a far more attractive ďassetĒ in the last week than he was at the beginning of the season.

And itís never a bad thing to have assets.
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