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Did I miss a 10-game winning streak or something?

The team is NOT winning. Just because they recently won a few games doesn't mean the team is a success or that it will enjoy future success this season. If you think that because they recently beat Boston without Rondo that they've got a shot at the playoffs, you're delusional.

The team is starting Reggie freaking Evans to compensate for Bargnani's inability to rebound the ball, and therefor basically playing 4v5 on one side of the ball. Bargnani's inability to play help defense means they're playing 4v5 on the other side. The team isn't going to win consistently until every player on the floor contributes positively in multiple categories and minimizes the weaknesses of the unit rather than simply compensating for them with players equally flawed in other areas.

Fact is, the only specialists you find in the starting lineup of playoff teams are wing defenders that can hit the 3 and not turn the ball over, or big men that rebound, block shots and generally protect the paint. There's a very good reason for that.
I do not disagree with anything there.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Friday vs. Celts again.