I guess we find out this afternoon what the deal is with Pops for the remainder of this season. Apart of me wants him to stay, but from a roster and financial stand point I understand why we would decide to part ways with him too.

Todayís the day.

Pops Day.

Apparently, Dec. 22 is the day that the contract of Pops Mensah-Bonsu becomes fully guaranteed and I havenít had a whisper of which way the Raptors are leaning, actually.

The monetary savings are huge Ė about $400,000 maybe Ė but the roster spot might come in handy as they move towards the trade deadline.

I guess they could guarantee the deal and eat any financial losses if they have to, or use that money as cap ballast in some future transaction.

Itís not a huge deal but when thereís an absolute dearth of news around these lads, itís at least something worth checking into.

And I shall later on when we gather yet again for practice.
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