Looking at the ESPN site i found they posted a new poll regarding the sixth place in the Eatern Conference. This was the question:

Which currently in the running for the No. 6 seed in the East has the most sleeper potential?

The options were Charlotte, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Detroit.

I couldn't believe the raptors were not included. First of all, they're currently in 7th place, 2 games behind Milwaukee. The rest of those teams have worst records than the raptors. They even include the Knicks!! and ignore Toronto. And the Raptors had the harder Scheadule in the whole league and they still maneged to be 7th. NYK has been horrible except for the last week and Chicago just lost to the Kings at home after leading by 35, and they still have more chances than us?

I feel insulted as a Raptor Fan to be ignored that way from someone who calls himself the Worldwide Leader in Sports.