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In the 15 seasons I've been watching the Raptors, we've pretty much been defined as a doormat team. The only teams that brought some fight were the ones with Oak and Garb. Our team this year has a lot of young inexperienced players and we have been playing that way. If our team was chuck full of wily veterans then yes, you can then maybe blame the coach and ask for his head.

But our team is not. We are seeing growing pains and learning experiences and they are sometimes not pretty to watch. For the most part, this team has been entertaining, except for 2 nasty games. They have showed lots of heart and have stuck around and played competitively with the best teams. This team has met my expectations so far this year and I think there is no need to be asking for Triano's head.
I must say RaptorDan, since you put it the way you did, I will have to say that I am sold on your words and wisdom. Everyone in life deserves a chance to prove themselves. Go Raps Go!

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