This according to Doug and which also ties into Pops week/2 week extension:

So they went all Quincy Douby on Pops, extending his contract guarantee day to Jan. 5 from yesterday.

Three ways to see it, and all are being considered and thought about inside the organization, Iím hearing.

One, like Quincy, theyíre trying to find him another job to help him out; Quincy found a gig in Turkey in the two weeks he was in Raptors limbo.

Two, they might be working on a deal Ė MIGHT, and I donít know anything about anything specific Ė and a cheap contract may be ballast.

Three, there are people who wonder if he shouldnít play a bit more, although thatís a big minority. There is no room for him in a 10-man rotation, as we all know.

Anyway, no idea how itíll shake out, itís certainly not the most significant thing to think about but thereís a large amount of interest in the young fellow, as we all know.

One thing that has nothing to do with anything, as I mentioned to a fellow over in the comments section, is Reggie Evans.

No way does this mean Reggieís going to be ready the first week of January. He hasnít done anything full speed on the court, heís still got some work to do on the foot and youíre still looking at mid-January as a best guess.
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