Maybe I'm starting to go senile at my age, but do most really think Jose's the better of the two point guards?

Perhaps the Jose vying for a contract a couple years ago ala "Forderon" might have been the better one, but since then? I guess I'm "Team Jack" because I'm much happier with JJ running the show now rather than Jose.

I am almost afraid to write the words “Marcus” and “Banks” any more because I cannot handle the immediate reaction:

Marcus looks good, trade Jose.

Seriously, it stuns me.

First off, I will tell you with absolute certainty no one in the organization, in the darkest recesses of their minds, thinks about a deal involving the team’s starting point guard. Ain’t happening, folks.

And there’s this:

This team is better with Calderon than without him. That’s not even a debating point.

He’s a better shooter than either of the two other point guards, he facilitates the offence better and, get your typing fingers ready:

He’s not nearly as a bad a defender as so many of you think.

No, he is not all-defensive team material; anyone knows that. But you’d like he was me out there the way people bust on him.

I don’t know where all this stuff comes from, it’s like some self-fulfilling prophecy or something. One guys says he’s no good and the avalanche starts. Incredible.

We all really need to rein in some of this crazy over-reaction stuff, okay?
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