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Thread: Is Jose Really Better Than Jack?

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    Default Is Jose Really Better Than Jack?

    Maybe I'm starting to go senile at my age, but do most really think Jose's the better of the two point guards?

    Perhaps the Jose vying for a contract a couple years ago ala "Forderon" might have been the better one, but since then? I guess I'm "Team Jack" because I'm much happier with JJ running the show now rather than Jose.

    I am almost afraid to write the words ďMarcusĒ and ďBanksĒ any more because I cannot handle the immediate reaction:

    Marcus looks good, trade Jose.

    Seriously, it stuns me.

    First off, I will tell you with absolute certainty no one in the organization, in the darkest recesses of their minds, thinks about a deal involving the teamís starting point guard. Ainít happening, folks.

    And thereís this:

    This team is better with Calderon than without him. Thatís not even a debating point.

    Heís a better shooter than either of the two other point guards, he facilitates the offence better and, get your typing fingers ready:

    Heís not nearly as a bad a defender as so many of you think.

    No, he is not all-defensive team material; anyone knows that. But youíd like he was me out there the way people bust on him.

    I donít know where all this stuff comes from, itís like some self-fulfilling prophecy or something. One guys says heís no good and the avalanche starts. Incredible.

    We all really need to rein in some of this crazy over-reaction stuff, okay?
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    I'm also much happier seeing Jack defend opposing "starting" PG's than Jose.

    And I'd also prefer seeing Triano go with the hotter-hand down the stretch and into crunch time.

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    < rant >

    I don't even have to click this link to verify that it's an article written by Doug Smith. He is such an apologist. I can certainly understand the point that the team isn't looking to trade him and that he's a great offensive player, but when Doug says that he's not nearly as bad a defender as we think, that's precisely the kind of statements that has (over time) led Raptor Nation to build animosity towards Mr Smith.

    I don't understand why he's such an apologist! If he doesn't get paid by the Raptors to write this stuff then he is the true definition of a tool. At least Swirsk was getting MLSE paycheques!

    < /rant >


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    Jack turns the ball over more than Jose and does NOT shoot it as well.
    But Jack gets more rebounds and has been more willing to run plays through Turkoglu (or Triano finally woke-up?)
    Defensively, they both need help against the better scoring/quicker PGs - BUT so does EVERYONE ELSE in the League!

    This isn't as straight-forward as many people want to claim!

    Both can start - both have strengths and weaknesses.

    Either could be trade bait to acquire something the Raptors need in the future.
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