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Thread: Rogers in $1.3B Talks to Buy MLSE

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    Quote big red wrote: View Post
    Ticket prices will be flat rate up to 60 points scored by the Raptors, then a fee per point will be charged above and beyond that. If you become a Raptors fan, you must commit to them for three years. Getting bored of the Raptors or liking another team results in an early termination fee of $400. Oh and don't forget that being a Raptors fan has an extra charge of $6.95 per month for the NBA access fee.
    Also, you can like the Raptors a whole lot. You can like the Raptors all the time. If you try to like the Raptors a whole lot all the time, they'll throttle your liking of the Raptors.
    And be careful, being a Raptors fan while traveling will kill you with roaming fees.
    Wow, big red, you nailed that. I f'n hate Rogers. I remember when they said they were going to bring the Bills to Toronto for some games. Rogers held a press conference and when asked a question about ticket prices, they started to laugh and said they'll charge us $250 a ticket and fans will be lined up. ha ha ha. what a f'n funny joke. Screwing the fans of Toronto.

    The worst thing that will happen to fans is if Rogers takes over. They will find a way to gouge every last nickel and dime they possibly can. It will feel like we've been raped in the face. May Rogers die and be sent to the 7th circle of hell.
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