20 games into the 2010/11 NBA season and us Raptor fans can be extremely happy with our 8-11 record which is better than what most predicted. This is to do with the great effort put in by the team, the players stepping up and our bench. Our bench has been very important in every game, and have either given or kept our lead or helped to go on a run to get close. Now our bench is lead by Leandro Barbosa, he has been very good in his first few months as a Raptor. He has had some great shooting nights, is very quick and brings a lot of energy onto the floor.

Barbosa has been a consistent player since he joined the league, know to be a great shooter and dribbler, he helped the Suns to many winning records. In 2007 he won the sixth man award after posting up 18 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds in 33 minutes whilst shooting 48, 43 and 85 percent. Those are great numbers, especially for a volume shooter. And those aren't just fluke numbers, he shot above 46% for 5 consecutive years before his final with the Suns. Over his career he has been a great presence off the bench, and averages 13 points a game in his 500 game career. Including the current season he has averaged double-digit scoring 5 times in his career, scoring less than 10 only in his rookie and sophomore seasons and narrowly missing it (9.5 ppg) last year largely because of injury.
His per36 numbers also show how efficient and consistent he has been in his career, averaging 18 points per 36 minutes over his entire career.

His PER has also been 'average' all of his career. Only getting under 15 (league average) in his first 2 seasons and last year when he was hit by injury. His career best PER is 19.4 which is very good for a bench player. When you look at guards who have had a PER higher than 19.4 in the past 10 years, you get a list of greats.

Barbosa's career PER is 16 which puts him in the 'above average' category.

Barbosa has 2 years left on his contract which would give him $15 million including this year, although his second year is a player option. He was traded by the Suns for a 'fan favorite' Hedo Turkoglu, who is 3 years older and has a 4 years left on his huge contract.

Hedo has had some great moments in his career, outside Toronto of course, but hasn't been all that spectacular.

He was relatively unknown until joining Orlando where he has a decent time. He was considered a decent player for the most part of his career until 2008 where he had Ginobili-like numbers getting career highs in minutes (37), points (19.5), rebounds (5.7) and assists (5.0). But was already on the other side of his twenties and was clearly at his best. The year after, his contract year, he was again quite good and was good in the playoffs as well. He was one of the most sought after Free Agents, and 'lucky' us, we signed him. At this point he was turning 30 and a 5 year deal was pretty excessive.

In his career he averaged 15.5 points per 36 which is less than Barbosa, and he did so whilst shooting under 43%. His best PER, which he got on his 19 6 5 year was just 17.8, and over his career he had a PER of 14.8 which is under the league average of 15.

Now comparing the two players.

Barbosa has a better contract, as it is shorter (2 vs 4) and is smaller (7.6 vs 10).
Barbosa is younger and is in his prime, whilst Turkoglu is 31 and far passed it.
Barbosa has been far more efficient in his career than Turkoglu has.
Barbosa isn't fat.
Barbosa fits in our fast paced style of play.
Barbosa has had a higher PER than Turkoglu over their careers, and has a higher highest PER (19.4 vs 17.8) and lowest PER (12.7 vs 11.7).
Barbosa still contributes today, Turkoglu has been having a horrible season.
Barbosa doesn't hurt a team with his contract.

Is this the best trade of all time, as in the most one sided trade? I say yes

What do you think? Luck or smarts by Colangelo, or idiocy by the part of the Suns' management?