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Seriously. That was the exact thought that ran through my head when I finished watching this week's episode. He's didn't die in the comic until what would be around... I don't season 4 or 5 the way the show is going? I'm not sure why they did it now but my fiance, who has not read the comics, seemed to be totally ok with it.
Man oh man.

What. The. Fuck!?!

Those were my exact thoughts as well. I was not expecting that at all. Not sure how I feel about Dale's death yet.

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This is as hard hitting as they could have made it without killing Rick or Andrea or Glenn.
With the way this show is going I would no longer be surprised if they killed off one of those characters. Heck, for that matter I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to let one of the characters who was killed in the comics, "live" on the show.

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if they claim to be trying to be different than the comics, I don't know why you would have a problem with it.
LBF/Apollo have you read the comics? How do you guys feel about all the changes the tv show has made (i.e. letting Shane live, killing off Sophia-that was an uber-shocker, etc.)

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I was rocked at first,but, then I was ok with it. I would of rather they killed off widow, jamie lee curtis look a like, but, whatevs.
Jamie Lee Curtis' doppelgänger has a pretty fucked up death in the comics!

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The more important thing is that rick couldn't kill the kid or dale. But, had no problem killing zombie sophia, that is wtf to me.
Not sure how that is wtf? Rick had difficulties off'ing the kid in front of Carl. I get it.

Dale was his close(ish) friend. It was hard to put a bullet in his head. Again, I get it.

Sophia was a zombie and a risk to the group. He was the only one who was able to do what had to be done, especially since Shane showed he was all talk and couldn't do it himself.

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They've cast the Governor for season 3 but I'm wondering if the end up at the Prison at all or do they go directly to the the Governor storyline via the farm?

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After allowing Shane to live for two seasons and killing Dale about two or three seasons too early who knows what they're going to do next. I will say this though, Dale the comic character was more interesting than Shane the comic character but Shane the TV character certainly is more interesting that Dale the TV character.
Agreed. But that doesn't mean I don't look forward to when Shane becomes zombie fodder!