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amazing show. was hyped up about it when i first found out about it about a month before the premiere. always been a big zombie genre fan (especially the resident evil video game franchise, 28 days later, dawn/shaun of the dead). the premiere was incredible. one of the best pieces of tv ever (up there with certain episodes of lost, carnivale, etc). i wasn't impressed with the finale though. it felt very lackluster, for the last episode. i dunno maybe i'm just used to big season finales. i'm still looking forward to season 2 though.
was it 13 episodes or 16?

i also heard, that season two aint starting until october 26th, ten months away is good in a way as it gives more people, more time to find out about it. But, i mean it might be a bit too long where most of us just totally forget about it.