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    Wow.... this was tough to watch.

    Positive: They didn't quit, however, it was far from inspiring and far from intelligent basketball. Sad when this is all the positive I can find. Oh yeah, and Amir.

    Negative: They got down by 28 to begin with and then when they get it back to 15 in the 3rd, they get in to a jump shooting game with IND. IND was making - and missing! - a bunch of jumpers and TOR was happy to come down and whoever had the ball played 1-on-1 or no-pass and shoot. Awful. Weems was the biggest culprit. This was a selfish game from TOR's vantage point.

    Triano got out-coached again tonight. Not so much during the game - but yes, that too - but the preparation. This team was not prepared. They all have the same game tape. Obviously O'Brien and his staff did a better job. Also, did TOR learn nothing about guarding the 3pt shot versus the Knicks??

    Who did Bargnani piss off? They were playing keep away with him in the first half and then Bargnani in the middle for the 3rd quarter. However, he did nothing to show he deserved the ball. Welcome back to 4 rebs a game, Andrea. Play aggressive and go after the ball every night and you will be an All-Star.

    Weems played awful. Too many jump shots when he did drive and dunk - Granger went back and scored in 3 secs as he did his victory run down the court.

    Johnson played great - again.

    Calderon did a great job of knocking down his shots tonight. Unfortunately, I thought he looked for himself first. He did not take charge and set the offense nor the tone or tempo. As PG that is his job and tonight he was all about the jumper. There is a time to put pick up the scoring slack but tonight it was to get the team on the same page - he didn't.

    Bayless was no better at running the team tonight - probably worse, scary thought

    Barbosa is becoming the Brazilian Black-Hole.

    Kleiza - Despite 12 points, played crap. 4 TO's. 12 shots of which 5 were hit and none were really within the flow of the game - outside of a couple of lucky bounces to him.

    DeRozan? Did he play? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Blend in to the background. That was DeMar tonight.

    Davis continues his solid play - although tonight he showed he needs work outside 5 feet on his offensive game, but that will come.

    Bottom line: Consistency, or a lack thereof, seems to be the ongoing battle this year. For the manics among us, it might be time to get a script from your doctor. Might be a long year, full of ups and downs.
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