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Thread: Can Bosh still opt in?

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    Default Can Bosh still opt in?

    I'm just wondering if it's still possible for Chris Bosh to take up the player option that he has, or has he officially relinquished his right to his player option.

    The reason is I ask is that his player option is worth $17,149,243 according to HoopsHype salaries. Estimations for the salary cap next season range anywhere from $50M to $55M.

    If we take a midpoint and go with $52.5M, then the maximum Bosh can earn in the first year of his next big contract is approximately $15.75M. Which means he's basically saying goodbye to about $1,399,243.

    Of course, if he was planning on taking the player option, then I supposed he wouldn't be playing so hard this year....
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    I believe he can still exercise it, it's we who can't sign him to an extension anymore.

    Totally disagree on him playing harder this year, I just think his game has evolved into him being more aggressive.

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