We lost to ny (game plan shoot trees) and ind (game plan jack up trees) and we lost to them because the executed their game plan ..while i agree that we needed more effort and to adjust fact remains that those teams a just better and have better wing talent then us and we got killed .... so bashing our team and trading them all wont change the fact that we are doing more whit less .. can we beat ny or ind ? yes are they better yes so to beat them we need to fight more witch in an 82 games season will have streches that it just deos not work ...so i still have hope that we will turn it around

last year we where at the same place and this year we were supose to be a 15 team cclearly the mith is busted so lets enjoy and hope thing develope better than bashing everyplayer
ps: ive seen the name of every player we have in trade talk ...come on