A list of potential contract dumps from around the league that are less than $12,237,400. I'm not advocating any of them just throwing out what I could see. If the Raptors were to take any of these contracts on, draft picks had better be included!

ATL: Marvin Williams ($15.7M guaranteed over 2 years with option for 3rd at $7.5M)

CLE: Varejao has been mentioned but I'm sure they'd want draft picks or young talent in return (3 years and $25M owed)

DEN: Nene? (1 year ETO $11.6M), Billups? (1 year $14M, only $3.75M guarantee for next season)

DET: Maxiell (2years $10M after this year)

GSW: Biendris (3 years $9M per after this year)

HOU: Jeffries (expiring $6.9M - TOR picks up and it would put them below the luxury tax, especially if the rumor of Randolph to HOU for NY's first round pick back are true - TOR would need a draft pick(s), of course, 2 second rounders?)

IND: Posey (1 year $6.9M after this year)

MEM: Thabeet (1 year $5M after this year)

MIL: Maggette (2 years $21M after this year)

PHI: Lou Williams (1 year $5.1M and ETO for second year), Nocioni (1 year $6.65M plus team option $7.5M)

SAC: Beno Udrih (2 years $14.3M after this season), Garcia (2 years $11.9M after this season)