Raptors 120- Pistons 116

Thought I'd do a post game since the game was Here in Detroit.

After letting the pistons score 72 in the first half the Toronto raptors came back from 25 down in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter to win the game.

Jeryed Bayless started at the point and had a field day. 31 pts 7 asts 5 rbs 4 TO.
Barbosa at the backup 22.

Big Ben and Stucky Abused the raptors going for 23 pts/14rbs and 23pts / 12ast respectivly

A bit disturbing that the raptors have allowed the oppostiton to score over 70 in the last two games and over 62 in the last 3 games in the first half.

As of today a 25 pt comeback is the largest comeback in the 2010 nba season, and the largest comeback in Raptor history.

Huge turnout of raptor fans (DETROIT next to CANADA)
If you missed it, you missed a HELL OF A GAME