I hoping and praying that we retain him, but I wouldn't be shocked if Chris did decide to pursue another avenue starting next season. Kind of a like a fresh start.

No big time free agent will want to sign aboard by looking at the roster then looking at the record. Stop blaming management for not landing a big time shooting guard like Vince Carter. Demar DeRozan might become something. Teams can win without one. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen won plenty without a quality center. The reality is every team lacks something.

* The Hedo experiment does not work obviously since theyíre barely clutching on to the 7th seed. Heís not a difference maker and that contract is too big to move for a non All Star.

* Chris Boshís situation almost mirrors Pau Gasol when he was with the Memphis Grizzlies. Both were thought to be franchise big men. Thatís not true now is it? He needs to be paired up with a Dwayne Wade or LeBron James like Pau to Kobe. Bosh is not a good fit with Bargnani.

* Toronto has to be flirting with a top 4 record for Bosh to consider resigning. Elimination in the first round of the playoffs doesnít boost morale either.

* Donít think about tanking. That shit doesnít work. The team is holding down a playoff spot to convince Bosh to stay, correct?

Personally, if I was him, Iíd seriously lean towards leaving. Six seasons with the ball club and we havenít gotten anywhere. That does inspire anything. Please consider a sign and trade since there are not many teams right now that would trade for a half a season rental. Sign then trade Bosh. Get back some young talent and some draft picks. Thatís the best they can do.
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