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Thread: Summer Free Agent Signings Can Be Traded Starting 12-15. That Means Johnson & Kleiza

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    Quote albertan_10 wrote: View Post
    I think we're too quick to give up on him and it sucks right now because he's not contributing but he needs time. Colangelo saw something in him and he's going for it. Would anyone out there still want charlie on the team? Is he the kind of guy you want around? probably not
    Obviously no one wants Charlie V these days, but he had a really promising rookie year and while Derozan has yet to start making real developments, his promising summer league and overall athleticism create a ceiling that is essentially unlimited based on whether you project him as a rich or poor man's Iggy. I'm happy keeping Derozan and letting him play out his upside, but the raps need to attempt some big moves or continue to wander in purgatory.

    As long as BC finds a way to hold onto his draft picks the raps need to get signifigantly better or worse, but perpetually getting the 11th pick turns you into Charlotte. There shouldn't be a single untouchable player on this roster except for maybe Ed Davis.

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    Quote mo-sales wrote: View Post
    There shouldn't be a single untouchable player on this roster except for maybe Ed Davis.
    Really? The guy who's playing 15-20 mpg and looks REALLY raw? Okay. Because keeping more polished young players like Bayless and DeRozan is just dumb.

    I like the current roster a lot. Roles aren't defined, but will be after this year. I expect a trade or two before the summer. Some players don't fit. It's okay.

    I wish "fans" of the Raptors would be patient. Pisses me off that they expect 2nd and 3rd year players to play at an all-star level. Ha!
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