This guy frustrates me more and more every time he plays. The most selfish player on the court at all times (and that's counting whomever we're playing each night) and can singlehanded kill our momentum at the flick of a switch. Tonight was a pure example of what I'm talking about.

A mental midget on offense who was sloppier than a drunk Grade 9'er at their first high school dance. Instead of taking notice of his play you think he would contribute in other ways. Say like, playing some defense. Nope. Lazy, lazy, lazy with no pressure at all.

So considering he's playing for a contract the only thing I see this guy doing right now is playing himself off this team. Only problem we have is that the alternative right now isn't any better with Linas. So, Jay better show Weems some tough love because his play over the last while I feel is unacceptable.

OK, rant over. Sorry for the rant. Just frustrated as a fan.