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I am not sure why people are so quick to write this guy off. While he is not a 10 assist per game guy, and stats are not everything, he has a better assist to turn over ratio than many other hot young PG's....Collison, Jennings, Curry, Westbrook and others. We have been spoiled with high assist PG's in Toronto and forget what it is like to have guys average only 5 or 6 from that spot. Stuckey may not have made his teammates a whole bunch better in Detroit, but having Ben Gordon and Rip Hamilton as your back-court does make for much of a transition game either. I have not seen enough of Stuckey to pull the plug, nor would I bet the farm on him, but at the right price with Jose more than likely on his way out and 4.16 million qualifying offer due to Bayless next year I would not be upset if we grabbed him to replace both those guys and bring in a PG in the draft....again at the right price.
Teams that don't have a high basketball IQ guy that can make his teammates better struggle, especially in the playoffs. Generally, that guy is the PG, because he's, hopefully, got the instincts to run an offense and get others involved. If you've got a guy like LeBron or even Joe Johnson, then you don't need a a PG to do that. The Raptors have no one on the team other than Calderon that has any idea how to run an offense and make his teammates better.

Collison, Jennings, Curry and Westbrook have all been rumoured to be on the block at times for the exact reason that they aren't true PGs and their teams have underperformed because of it. I've seen too many teams that have hybrid PGs never be happy with them.

In the playoffs, when the defenses get tighter and the pace slows down, a guy who really knows how to get teammates easier shows is a must.