This would be great, we get an inside presence, bargs can move to the four (Amir and Davis will basically get the same minutes now that there is no Evans, Dorsey, or Alabi) or even three since he is fast enough. This will create huge match-up problems with bargs on the outside and Gortat on the inside. Also our defence will improve significantly now that there is no free brunch Barganani was giving in the key.
This also makes sense from an Orlando standpoint, because they never use Gortat with Howard inside. Reggie could serve as a rebounder and a defender that could make Orlando the best defensive and rebounding team in the league. He is also a veteran presence. Dorsey and Alabi are both projects that could be traded as add-ons in bigger deals. The trade exception is also part of that.

I very much doubt orlando would except this despite the points I showed but it would be cool.