Kleiza is the absolute worst. The dude reminds me so much of an arrogant Euro hockey player where they only care about getting their stats and are not team players, while not realizing they aren't as good as they think they are He is worse than Carlos Delfino in terms of shot selection. I watch the Raptors with a group of guys and we all fight about who hinders this team whether its Jose, Bayless, Weems, Amir, but we all unanimously agree the Kleiza is the worst part of the Raptors. He is a ball hog, he has taken the last shot a few times and missed badly. He takes bad shot, he's a piss poor defender. Jay needs to realize that Kleiza and Weems are not fourth quarter players. BC needs to understand that going European is not the way to go. I cannot put up with this character for another three years or however long his contract is. Even when the Raptors are winning, if Kleiza is on the court, the game isn't even enjoyable.